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        LANAN is an independent company with a registered capital of 30 million YUAN, and it is a subsidiary of China Electronics Information Property Group (CEC). The company not only holds advantages in some traditional industries, such as quartz crystal manufacture and touch screen design, but also rapidly develops industrious computer, embedded systemic hardware platform and software operating system. The R&D team of LANAN is strong and skillful, for the backbone force is from the US headquarter of APPLE Inc. which is a world-class company. Complying with the requirement of national security, LANAN follows the principles of independence, controllability, security, credibility.
        The products of LANAN mainly include important industrial equipment for communication, computation, information-procession, display, frequency-generation, etc. In July 2015, LANAN established a R&D and marketing center in Changsha City, Hunan Province, China. The center, which has independent and credible technologies in terms of embedded operating system and board-level hardware, aims at developing the solution of system integration, independent operating system, application software, mobile intelligent pad and so on. Under its global marketing strategy for technology-sharing, R&D and product-promotion, LANAN has established a multi-layer partnership with Nanjing East China Electronics Co. Ltd. (namely the State-owned 741 Factory), as well as National Defense Science and Technology University of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.
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